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London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham

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…. - Ongoing Health; Food poverty; Environmental health C1.5 Support schemes to reduce food waste and redistribute surplus food. - 2022 Health; Food poverty; Environmental health C1.6 Provide materials and support for community initiatives to cooperatively measure footprints and design local sustainable actions. - 2022 - C1.7 Work on city-wide initiatives with other London partners…

… to foster nature through their private and community spaces. Actions Ref Action When Wider benefits ECO2.1 Protect existing habitat and increase targeted habitat to support biodiversity recovery in open spaces. - Ensure at least 10% of each open space is long grass or similarly “wild” habitat. (Biodiversity Commission rec.18) 2026 Air quality ECO2.2 Ensure our work within parks…

… - EEI1.3 Provide the public with an online overview of our progress towards the action plan. Ongoing - EEI1.4 Publish an accurate and accessible overview of the borough’s current emissions. Ongoing - EEI1.5 Provide regular opportunities for other departments, local organisations and residents to be updated on the Climate Unit’s work. Ongoing - Theme 2: Amplify community action

… around value for money, social value. 2022 - F3.3 Communications, engagement and market management with existing providers – including identifying quicker win actions that can be undertaken through current contracts and programme of recommissions/procurement that are upcoming. Immediate and ongoing - F3.4 Undertake modelling of options and scenarios for managing down our carbon…

Actions Ref Action When Wider benefits EEI2.1 Continue to be guided by various resident-led commissions. Ongoing - EEI2.2 Enable residents to request the council’s support in developing their initiatives, when it aligns with the vision for a net zero and ecologically rich H&F. Ongoing - EEI2.3 Regularly promote local climate action including actions directly managed by the council…


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