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London Borough of Croydon

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… behavioural patterns can mask the long-term climate changes. For example the winter of 2009/2010 was characterised by temperatures below average, and extensive snow and ice cover across the UK, which would not appear to the general public to be characteristic of a warming climate. There is scientifc consensus that all but 2 of the last 10 years have been characterised by the highest average…

… temperatures ever recorded. It is these short term fuctuations that may confuse people’s understanding of the long- term global warming trend, a reason why it is important to address behavioural change within this mitigation action plan as it is essential whole communities understand the risks of climate change, but most importantly the opportunities involved in mitigation. Croydon Climate Change

… 3. About Croydon 4. The challenge of long term climate change in Croydon 5. Governance 14 5.1. Where we are now: The Environment and Climate Change Partnership (ECCP) 14 5.1.1. The structure of the Environment and Climate Change Partnership: 15 5.2. Key long-term objectives 16 6. Behavioural Change 17 6.1. What are our aims? 18 6.2. Where we are now 19 6.3. Actions 20 7. Transport…

… Croydon Climate Change Mitigation Action Plan 3 ii Executive Summary The UK’s Climate Impacts Programme’s Climate Projections 2009 (UKCP) show that under a business-as-usual scenario temperatures are projected to rise up to 5°C by 2070. Under the same scenario, winter precipitation levels are forecast, to increase by up to 40% by 2070, while summer…

… characteristics. Croydon Climate Change Mitigation Action Plan 10 4 The challenge of long-term climate change in Croydon There is common scientifc consensus that the climate is changing. Climate change may pose potential risks to the economic activity and standards of living within Croydon; it is essential for local authorities and communities to act now to reduce carbon dioxide emissions…


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