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Wiltshire Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… of dwellings, CO2 emissions and energy demand in Wiltshire. Chart 3: Change in per capita CO2 emissions over time Emissions explained Throughout this document we use the term ‘carbon’ and ‘carbon dioxide’. Carbon is not harmful in itself, but is used as shorthand for carbon dioxide - the gas responsible for 80% of global warming. Other greenhouse gases also contribute to climate change

… on what residents and organisations can do to tackle climate change. The website will also provide progress updates on this strategy. The UK Climate Change Committee estimates that local authorities can influence one third of emissions in their area. This makes public engagement and buy-in from organisations and businesses critical to tackling the other two thirds – as well as advocating…

… to be able to cope with the impacts of climate change associated with a 2oC rise in global temperature. Our existing Climate Change Adaptation plan supports this and will be reviewed to reflect the most recent research into climate impacts and mitigation in Wiltshire. During the period of this strategy we will focus on our commitment to being carbon neutral by 2030 (meaning focussing…

… influence over. The council only has direct control over 0.5% of carbon emissions in Wiltshire but can use its democratic mandate and other levers of influence to have an impact on wider emissions (see diagram), including influencing strategic partners on infrastructure projects. Most activities to mitigate climate change involve new and smarter ways of doing things. It will be essential…

…, our population is split roughly equally between urban and rural areas. The strategy for tackling climate change in Wiltshire is structured around seven delivery themes. These are presented separately, but there is a large amount of overlap between the themes. For example decisions on where we locate homes and employment (built environment) will affect travel patterns (transport…


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