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Including 9 closely related terms such as global warming, changing, and runaway climate change.

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South Gloucestershire Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

CLIMATE EMERGENCY STRATEGY: APPENDIX 1 Appendix 1: SOUTH GLOUCESTERSHIRE COUNCIL TO DECLARE A CLIMATE EMERGENCY Joint Motion: South Gloucestershire Council to declare a Climate Emergency and sign the UK100 Pledge This Council notes: 1. That runaway climate change constitutes an existential threat to human society and life on Earth; 2. That humans have already caused irreversible climate

… and irreversible; 5. That, consequently, it is no longer adequate to think of climate change as a potential future threat, but rather, it must now be treated as a real and present danger to the lives and life-chances of people now living as well as to those yet born, and to the natural world; 6. That the IPCC report tells us that limiting global warming to 1.5°C may still be possible – but only…

… of climate change Locally climate change is likely to have big impacts on the amount of rain and extreme heat we experience such as the temperatures experienced in the UK during the summer of 2018. These extreme weather events are likely to happen at least every other year by 2040 if temperatures continue to rise at current rates, for example May 2020 tied with May 2016 as being the hottest May ever…

… matters, because every extra degree of warming matters, y Restoring the health of the local natural environment is an essential part of tackling the Climate Emergency. Changing the way we live today can also provide many benefits to us: y Improved health and wellbeing, y Stronger local economy, y New employment opportunities in the green economy, y Better access to a healthier…

… damaged and killed by ash die back. This disease is not caused by climate change but climate change speeds up the process of tree decay and we must compensate for trees lost at a time when we need to plant large numbers of trees to tackle climate change. We have a strong and vibrant community and we must harness the power of these existing connections, organisations and individuals to champion…


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