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North Ayrshire Council

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… an update on progress on tackling climate change in North Ayrshire. Recommendation: That Cabinet: i) Notes the progress made in implementing the Environmental Sustainability & Climate Change Strategy 2017- 2020; ii) Agrees the proposed target year of 2030 to achieve net- zero emissions across North Ayrshire; iii) Notes the ongoingClimate Change: Just Cool It” consultation; and iv) Notes…

warming, before the impacts of climate change become irreversible. This report has led to global declarations of a Climate Emergency, with governments and leaders being called upon to take action. 1.2 North Ayrshire Council has been proactive in tackling climate change, achieving almost 40% emission reduction since the 2005 baseline year, by consuming less fossil fuels and producing less…

… report-template-general NORTH AYRSHIRE COUNCIL 21 January 2020 Cabinet Title: Climate Change Purpose: To provide…

… the proposal to review the consultation findings to inform the Environmental Sustainability & Climate Change Strategy 2020- 2023 which is currently being developed for future Cabinet consideration mid-2020. 1. Executive Summary 1.1 The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published a report in October 2018 recommending immediate action be taken to reduce global

… the next Environmental Sustainability & Climate Change Strategy (ESCCS) 2020-2023. 1.5 The third ESCCS (2020-2023) is due to be published in Summer 2020, with actions identified to achieve the net-zero emission reduction target. It is proposed that this target be achieved by 2030. It is further proposed that two new workstreams are included in the strategy, to support climate change


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