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Including 9 closely related terms such as global warming, climate, and climate change.

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London Borough of Hillingdon

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… to the global warming that we are now seeing is carbon dioxide. Scientific research has demonstrated that carbon dioxide levels are higher than at any time in the past 650,000 years, and this has resulted in gradual warming of the world’s climate. 2014 2018 2017 2015 2019 2020 2016 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1 1.2 WARMEST YEARS ON RECORD (INCREASE FROM 20TH CENTURY AVERAGE) 1.2. Why does climate change

… access to communities through, for example residents associations, to develop community forums and groups to support and promote climate actions. C1.4 Support the access of funding for the ‘greening’ of residential properties and businesses. C1.5 To use our unique access to businesses to set up a borough wide Climate Change forum to develop ideas collectively to collaboratively work towards…

…. 1. Introduction 1.1. What is Climate Change? 1.1.1. The world’s climate is changing due to increased levels of gases such as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. These 'greenhouse' gases occur naturally in the atmosphere, trapping heat that comes from the sun like the glass in a greenhouse. The 'greenhouse effect' is a natural occurrence and without it the Earth would be over 30 degrees cooler…

… in the developing world. 1.2.2. Global problems are all too common and widely reported. However, the UK is far from immune from the impacts of Climate Change. The Environment Agency’s 2020 State of the Environment Report presents some worrying consequences of Climate Change: Water Resources Climate change will affect the amount and timing of rainfall that supports river flows and replenishes…

…. Our belief is we must embed climate change in existing services to make more meaningful changes in an efficient and effective manner. We want services to see carbon emissions in the same way as our financial budgets and for everyone to take responsibility. 2.1. 2.2. 2.2.1. 2009 21,608 (tCO2) 2020 12,487 (tCO2) -42% Business Area (Tonnes CO2) 2008/9 2019/20 Change Percentage Gas…


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