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London Borough of Southwark

Direct link to citizens' assembly (PDF)


… for a conversation about what locally is ‘helpful in trying to tackle climate change and what is not helpful in trying to tackle climate change?. Jury members were also asked to consider the map and think about some of the main ways they interact with people and nature within…

… The Southwark Citizens’ Jury on Climate Change 1 The Southwark Citizens’ Jury on Climate Change Acknowledgements Thank you to the members of the Citizens’ Jury who placed their trust in the process and us as facilitators. This diverse, inspiring group of local people came together week after week…

… This is the report of the Southwark Citizens’ Jury on Climate Change, a deliberative process commissioned by Southwark Council as part of its work to support the borough to address the climate emergency and achieve net-zero by 2030. Climate change is an incredibly complex problem. Clearly, citizen voices must be at the centre of any solutions. The challenge is how to meaningfully involve the public…

… in identifying the ideas, strategies and actions needed. The Southwark Citizens’ Jury is an attempt to do this through inviting members of the local population to answer the question identified by the Oversight Panel for the process: ‘What needs to change in Southwark to tackle the emergency of climate change fairly and effectively for people and nature?’ The Citizens’ Jury is an example…


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