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North of Tyne Combined Authority

Direct link to citizens' assembly (PDF)

… coast to the border with Cumbria in the West. The population of the region is some 816,000 people in a mix of urban and rural communities. There is a mounting evidence base as to the increasing impacts of climate change and on the shifts in behaviour, culture and practice that will be needed to both reduce greenhouse gas emissions to avoid the worst effects of global warming and adapt…

… to take action on climate change by creating legitimacy through their in-depth nature, their impartiality and the trust this creates. They also have the potential to make sure that climate policy is viewed through the lens of fairness. A diverse group of citizens can draw on their own lived experience to consider: what impact different policy responses may have on different communities; who…


… for a conversation about what locally is ‘helpful in trying to tackle climate change and what is not helpful in trying to tackle climate change? The North of Tyne Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change 2021 14 Before the end of the first session the Assembly was joined by Dr. Stephen Elstub from Newcastle University who spoke…

… The North of Tyne Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change 2021 19 Finally, Leanne Wilson provided an outline of the existing activities of the Combined Authority and what it is currently doing to tackle climate change. It was suggested to Assembly members that, based on all this information, they must decide by the end…


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