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Including 11 closely related terms such as global warming, runaway climate change, and climate.

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Belfast City Council

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… of greenhouse gases are released, leading to further warming. Beyond this point or threshold, the evidence suggests that we may lose control of our future climate and become subject to what has been referred to as dangerous or “runawayclimate change. Until recently, scientists felt that this threshold existed at around 2ºC of global warming, measured as a global average of surface temperatures…

… and businesses in the city should also be asked to match broader carbon reduction commitments and to report back on progress. 12 A NET-ZERO CARBON ROADMAP FOR BELFAST INTRODUCTION Climate science has proven the connection between the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the extent to which the atmosphere traps heat and so leads to global warming. The science tells us…

…”, refers to achieving an overall balance between emissions produced and emissions taken out of the atmosphere, with any residual emissions removed through carbon sinks. BACKGROUND 1.5ºC The level of global temperature rise at which we risk triggering dangerous climate change 2030 The point at which - at current rates - the world will have locked into more than 1.5ºC of warming GLOBAL…

… and consumption habits would take us further still Net Zero 6 7 A NET-ZERO CARBON ROADMAP FOR BELFAST EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Background • Scientific evidence calls for rapid reductions in global carbon1 emissions if we are to limit average levels of warming to 1.5°C and so avoid the risks associated with dangerous or runaway climate change. • Globally, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

… forward (e.g. from 2050 to 2030, which the UK has not done, although many local authorities and other places have set themselves this ambitious goal). Globally, the IPCC suggests that from 2020 we can only emit 344 billion tonnes of CO2 if we want to give ourselves a 66% chance of avoiding dangerous climate change. We are currently emitting over 37 billion tonnes of CO2 every year, which…


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