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Midlothian Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… Midlothian Council Climate Change Strategy - August 2020 Scotland’s Changing Climate – Midlothian’s Climate Change Strategy Midlothian Council Climate Change Strategy - August 2020 Contents Foreword 2 Executive Summary 3 1. Introduction and Content 4 2. Profile of Midlothian 4 3. Legislation 5 4. Climate Change

… 6 5. The Climate Change 9Strategy Vision 9 Objectives 9 What Can Midlothian Do 9 Challenges 12 Mitigation and Adaptation Measures 13 Action Plan 24 Appendix 33 Midlothian Council Climate Change Strategy - August 2020 2 Midlothian Council Climate Change Strategy - August 2020 Foreword Foreword by Councillor Russell Imrie: “Mitigating the impacts of climate change

…, in response to the current public health crisis, at its meeting of June 2020 with the ambition of delivering a ‘green’ economic recovery. Together we can make a difference” “Right now we are facing a man-made disaster of global scale. Our greatest threat in thousands of years, Climate change”, David Attenorough, Broadcaster and naturalist. “Our obligations to the next generation are the most…

… important that we carry. A few weeks ago, I met some of the young climate change campaigners who’ve gone on strike from school to raise awareness of their cause. They want governments around the world to declare a climate emergency. They say that’s what the science tells us. And they are right. So today, as First Minister of Scotland, I am declaring that there is a climate emergency. And Scotland…

… will live up to our responsibility to tackle it". Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish First Minister, SNP conference 28 April 2019 “Scotland has declared a global climate emergency and now Scotland must act as one to safeguard our planet for future generations”. Roseanna Cunningham, Climate Change Secretary 3Midlothian Council Climate Change Strategy - August 2020 Midlothian Council Climate Change


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