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Scottish Borders Council

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… Scottish Borders Council – 17 December 2020 CLIMATE CHANGE ACTION PLAN TIMELINE Report by Executive Director, Finance & Regulatory SCOTTISH BORDERS COUNCIL 17 December 2020 1 PURPOSE AND SUMMARY 1.1 This report provides an update on the development of a Climate Change Action Plan and proposes a slightly amended timeline…

… and reporting processes across climate change issues, and developing proposals for Council wide staff training and engagement. 1.4 It has emerged from this planning approach however, that the original March timescale cannot now be achieved. It is requested that in order to produce a robust strategic approach to the development of a net zero pathway within a Climate Change Action Plan…

… It is recommend that the Council agrees the Climate Change Action Plan Timeline, in particular that a Climate Change Action Plan is considered by the Council before the end of June 2021. 3 BACKGROUND 3.1 At its meeting on 25 September 2020, Scottish Borders Council agreed a series of recommendations contained within the report ‘Responding to the Climate Emergency’. One of the recommendations agreed…

… was that the Council ‘set out a clear plan of action to reduce our carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases, such plan to return to Council for consideration before the end of March 2021’. 3.2 Significant preparatory work has been undertaken by a core group of staff within the Council’s Sustainable Development Group, and the attached timeline for this work (Appendix 1) has been produced. 4 CLIMATE CHANGE

… ACTION PLAN DEVELOPMENT 4.1 A number of key steps have been identified in the production of a Climate Change Action Plan, with considerable effort invested in assessing the impact of Scottish Government policy drivers, guidance and support. Much activity has also focussed on engagement with partners around strategic climate change priorities for the Scottish Borders, particularly the Edinburgh…


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