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London Borough of Camden

Direct link to citizens' assembly (PDF)

… transport  with infrastructure and  incentives  11. Developers to fund  energy efficient retrofits of  old buildings  12. Establish a Climate  Emergency scrutiny panel  made up of experts and  residents  13. Make all council  properties fossil fuel free  14. Improve council  communications and  engagement on climate  change  15. Mobilise existing  community groups to work  on tackling the climate

… and the wider community.  The citizens’ assembly was asked to address the question:   “We are now facing a climate and ecological crisis. How can the council and the  people of Camden help limit the impact of climate change while protecting and  enhancing our natural environment? – What do we need to do in our homes,  neighbourhoods, council and country?”  The citizens’ assembly was asked to develop…

…’ assembly considered in session 3, these were  also displayed for assembly members to look at during breaks. Finally, Camden Council also  worked with the Camden Climate Change Alliance to collect ideas from local businesses.   Over 600 ideas for actions were collected in total from this community engagement.  Approximately 200 of these were selected for consideration by the citizens’ assembly…

…. They  were selected to cover the diversity of the ideas submitted (e.g. removing duplication of  similar ideas submitted by multiple people). As outlined further below, these ideas formed the  starting point for the citizens’ assembly during its third session when considering the actions  that should form the action plan.  Session 1: Climate Change and Camden  The first session of the citizens’ assembly…

… out the current situation. ​Professor Mark  Maslin​ – University College London – presented the science of climate change and its  ecological impacts and ​Chris Dunham​ – Carbon Descent – presented the current CO2  emissions in Camden and where the borough might get to in 2030.  Following each presentation, assembly members considered the key points that had been  raised, noting these down…


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