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Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council

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… caused wildfires, service and infrastructure disruptions and loss of life. Planning for how we can adapt will reduce negative consequences and will be cost- effective in the long run. Climate adaptation is an important part of tackling climate change and must be considered when we take actions. People have been adapting to their environments for centuries, and in Calderdale we have too - by putting…

… Calderdale Climate Action Plan for 2023-26 CALDERDALE ACTION PLAN 2023-26 CLIMATE OUR PATH TO A BRIGHTER FUTURE Tackling Climate Change is a challenge all of us will face. Here in Calderdale, it’s a challenge we are ready to tackle. We’ve gone through devastating floods and learned a lot about taking action…

…. Extreme weather events are on the rise this is a direct result of climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is warning of extreme heat, crop losses and water scarcity across Europe if we don’t act soon. Solving this problem doesn’t mean returning to the stone age. Clean energy and technology solutions are just the start. The good news is that tackling climate change

… heat, storms and flooding can be achieved using climate adaptation simultaneously with reducing emissions. Our experiences with climate change impacts of extreme heat and flooding in the UK show that we need adaptation measures in place so we can avoid issues like flooding homes and businesses and public transport cancellations. For example, in 2022 we experienced the risks of extreme heat which…

… undisrupted. Climate adaptation and resilience are referenced within our Action Plan, but this is not a comprehensive list. There will be work and actions outside of this Plan that we will need to play our part in. In our Influencing theme we set out actions needed and ask others to develop climate adaptation plans too. Climate adaptation and resilience can look like the following: • Energy…


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