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Tandridge District Council

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Climate Change Action Plan - Tandridge District Council //<![CDATA[ var __cultureInfo = {"name":"en-GB","numberFormat":{"CurrencyDecimalDigits":2,"CurrencyDecimalSeparator":".","IsReadOnly":false,"CurrencyGroupSizes":[3],"NumberGroupSizes":[3],"PercentGroupSizes":[3],"CurrencyGroupSeparator":",","CurrencySymbol":"£","NaNSymbol":"NaN…

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Climate Change Action Plan Climate change - the challenge we’re facing We declared a climate emergency in February 2020, recognising the need to take urgent action to reduce or halt climate change, to avoid potentially irreversible environmental damage.  This Climate

Change Action Plan explains how we will cut our environmental impact to become a carbon neutral council by 2030. What if we all don’t do our bit? Failing to take action to address climate change is simply not an option and could lead to: More severe weather, including more frequent heat waves and increased risk of more frequent and heavier rain and snowfall…

…, which could lead to flooding or wildfires and droughts. Harmful effects on our health, with smoke inhalation and air pollution causing significant health risks. Harm to our plants and animals. What have we already done? Reports for our committee meetings now include climate change implications. Our business continuity and emergency plans are robust…


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