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London Borough of Wandsworth

Direct link to progress report (PDF)

… for the continuation of this post is set out at recommendation C. Improving Air Quality 29. Air Quality in London, as with many cities in the UK and across the world continues to be a major health concern and is now considered the most significant environmental risk to public health. Air Quality is an ongoing issue that impacts on the health of many in Wandsworth and is an important area within climate…

… action, with the main sources of air pollution (such as from internal combustion engines) also closely linked to climate Delivering Sustainability for All Page 8 of 20 (Paper No. 23-51) Official change. Improving air quality for the citizens of Wandsworth is a key priority area within the Council’s climate action strategy. 30. The Council has commissioned a Citizens’ Assembly to take…

… Plan will be improved air quality monitoring, with new PM2.5 monitors providing the information needed to understand where the problem lies and to direct action. Continued delivery on key projects and partnership working with key teams such as Transport and Public Health will continue, alongside work to target vehicle idling. Decarbonising buildings across the borough 37. Nearly half…

… all walking (including using a wheelchair or buggy) and cycling in Wandsworth enjoyable, attractive and safe, creating a high-quality core cycle network, supporting local walking and cycling trips through improved infrastructure, and making improvements to clean-air walking and cycling routes away from roads, with a focus on routes to schools. As a listening Council that values input from…

… for the Council, but for the borough of Wandsworth as a whole. A provider has been commissioned to support the delivery of the Citizens Assembly, an Oversight Panel formed with two meetings held already, the recruitment process for the Citizens Assembly launched and the first meeting of the Assembly planned for February 2023. 31. Work is also being done to address air quality nationally. The Clean Air


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