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Fermanagh and Omagh District Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

…, fuel poverty and improve air quality Sustainable drainage helps reduce flooding and improves water quality Trees provide shade, absorb carbon dioxide and help cool the public realm More walking and cycling, and fewer diesel and petrol vehicles on the roads, helps to reduce traffic noise, improve air quality and reduce carbon dioxide emissions Zero carbon businesses create…

… sustainable travel. • Working in partnership to improve air quality. 3 Promote a sustainable environment by... • Improving energy efficiency in Council buildings • Encouraging net zero through our supply chain • Enhancing carbon removal in our open spaces • Protecting our shared natural resources • Integrating climate considerations into all our decisions 07 08Why us? Why now…

… to zero carbon forms of travel in the District, including walking and cycling, in order to improve air quality and meet our climate goals. No Action Lead Performance measure Outcome(s) T1 Implement measures to decarbonise the Council’s fleet. Head of Waste Management #%Reductions in carbon emissions from Council fleet. Outcome 6.1: The Council’s carbon emissions are managed and reduced. T2 Carry…

… in partnership to improve air quality Outcome 7.1: Fermanagh and Omagh’s natural environment is protected, enhanced and respected. 24 Land use Our goal is to protect and restore nature to help absorb carbon pollution from the atmosphere and reduce vulnerability to the impacts of climate change. We will ensure everyone in the District has access to nature through nearby green spaces and promote…


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