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Including the closely related terms cleaner air, and clean air measures.

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Westminster City Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

…' the carbon cost of the build just twelve years after completion. Visit • Schools are tackling air pollution with help from the council’s School Clean Air Fund which offers £1 million to help primary schools implement clean air measures • Repowering London helps communities to develop cheap and clean energy through energy co-operatives. Community funds ensure that any profits…

… need to be planted offering an additional cumulative total of 194 tonnes of carbon removed up to 2030. 1,045 Westminster trees store tonnes of carbon per year https…

… 1. FOREWORD T he pandemic has changed the world in fundamental ways; the one thing it has only made more urgent is the climate emergency. We have seen a glimpse of less polluted streets and cleaner air and we don’t want to go back. The council will lead by example and the steps we have…

… and improved health through building efficiency • Improved health and wellbeing from cleaner air, less congestion and more people walking and cycling • Electric vehicles can offer substantial fuel savings • A more resilient city able to better withstand extreme events and future economic shocks • Improved public and green spaces, helping to enhance wildlife and wellbeing • New jobs in green…


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