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South Gloucestershire Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

…: y Giving equal consideration to carbon emissions reduction, preparing for the local effects of climate change and supporting nature to recover; y Considering climate justice and ensure that no-one is left behind; y Optimising health and well-being co-benefits, and ensure that health inequalities are not widened; y Ensuring that the plan aligns with local efforts to improve air

… to steer the council’s response to the Climate Emergency declaration. The chart below sets out a list of the groups that exist and what role they have in terms of the delivery of the plan. The Climate Emergency Standing Group are a cross party group of councillors who provide political scrutiny of the Council’s Climate Emergency plan. The Clean Air and Climate Change Board are a group of key…

… Role: deliver zero carbon Council Advisory Committee Role: technical advisors Clean Air and Climate Change Board Internal Officers Role: advise/coordinate Climate Emergency community engagement Role: area wide delivery SGC Internal Auditing Team Role: audit plan/delivery Climate Emergency Team Role: Responsible plan development/delivery 19 CLIMATE EMERGENCY STRATEGY…

… will further embed climate and ecological considerations in Council procurement activity and our supply chain. DEVELOP We will develop a Clean Air Action Plan that aligns with the Climate Emergency Action Plans. DEVELOP We will scope the setting up of a Green South Gloucestershire Fund for South Gloucestershire which receives contributions from developers, businesses and residents for investment…

quality; y Addressing the ecological emergency and nature recovery, and consider any ecological and wildlife implications; y Taking account of the value of the natural world in terms of wider co-benefits – social, health and environmental value (not just financial); y Making sure the use of environmental resources is minimised and the most sustainable action is taken; and y Optimising…


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