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Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… relevant initiative and projects that would help to meet climate emergency objectives 6. Monitor the Council’s performance against Friends of The Earth’s ’31 Actions for Local Authorities’. 7. Develop, oversee and monitor the implementation of actions to improve air quality within Traford and to review progress towards achieving the aims and commitments of the Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan…

… reporting for Traford ACTION LEAD TIMESCALE Continue ongoing work on proposed Clean Air Plan and Clean Air Zone Improve Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Decarbonisation of Council vehicle feet Council/TfGM/ Amey/GMCA Focus on Scope 3 indirect emissions e.g. goods and services moving in and out of Traford, Housing Providers, Council workforce and workplace and commercial properties…

… 40 μgm-3 2. The hourly limit value: no more than 18 exceedances of 200 μgm-3 in a calendar year Greater Manchester is one of the cities which will not meet these air quality targets by the required date of 2020. The 10 Greater Manchester local authorities have developed the GM Clean Air Plan Outline Business Case submitted to government in March 2019. The plan proposes a Clean Air Zone

… for the whole of Greater Manchester in two phases from 2021 and 2023. The most polluting commercial vehicles would pay a daily penalty to enter and/or travel within the Clean Air Zone. Consultation on the proposed Clean Air Plan and Clean Air Zone commenced in autumn 2020. The Traford Climate Emergency and Air Quality Commission will be responsible for ensuring that the delivery of identifed actions…

… to improve air quality in Traford are managed including prioritising projects and resources as well as monitoring progress. The key objective is that through behavioural, strategic and infrastructure change, the level of nitrogen dioxide are reduced in line with national air quality objectives and that this work supports the principles of sustainable development. 2.0 Role of the Commission The role…


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