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Cheshire East Council (Unitary)

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… as attractive and accessible green spaces enable people to access outdoor 1. Cheshire East Council will be carbon neutral by 2025 ➢ Carbon Action Plan 2. Reduce waste ➢ Municipal Waste Strategy 3. Improve air quality ➢ Air Quality Strategy, Air Quality Action Plan 4. Ensure new development is sustainable ➢ Local Plan 5. Increase sustainable transport and travel ➢ Local Transport Plan 6…

… of waste and increase re-use through the Council’s performance management system. OFFICIAL 11 May 2020 3. IMPROVE AIR QUALITY Pollution by particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) can impact public health and cause short and long term health effects. These pollutants also contribute to climate change by affecting sunlight reflection and absorption…

… in place to contribute to the achievement of air quality objectives at local level. Local Authorities are required to produce an Annual Status Report describing the strategies employed to improve air quality, the progress made in implementing actions, and to review the planned actions to ensure they reflect the latest understanding of effective air quality mitigation measures. The Air Quality…

…. This contains general measures that will help improve air quality across the borough and specific measures for each Air Quality Management Area. The measures target traffic management, development control, alternative and active travel, low emission technology and public awareness and education. The actions required to improve air quality in an area requires the active cooperation and commitment…

… of a wide range of council services, partners and the local community. The Council has published the 2019 Air Quality Annual Status Report12 which provides an overview of air quality across the borough for the 2018 calendar year. It sets out the results of monitoring, discusses trends in air quality data and outlines strategies employed by Cheshire East Borough Council to improve air quality


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