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Reading Borough Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… of climate impacts avoided/reduced More active, outdoor lifestyles Healthier diets Warmer, healthier homes Quieter, safer streets Vulnerable people protected locally and globally More cohesive, engaged communities Improved physical and mental health Improved air quality Better access to greenspace and nature Healthier water Improved biodiversity Reduced risk of flooding, heatwaves…

… solutions: improved management of greenspace and the water environment in Reading also offers scope to reduce carbon emissions as natural areas can act as ‘carbon sinks’. This will also have the advantage of helping the town adapt to the impacts of a changing climate by mitigating flood risk, reducing the urban heat island effect, improving air quality and enhancing health and well-being…

… electricity). For the economy New green industries with new jobs and export opportunities for the UK. For the country More biodiversity, cleaner water, more green space to enjoy. Reduced global warming, avoiding climate damages like flooding. For the individual Quieter streets, cleaner air, less congestion. Smarter cities and more comfortable homes. Healthier lifestyles with more active…

…, improved biodiversity and access to nature, cleaner air, more comfortable homes and highly productive and rewarding employment. Committee on Climate Change, Reducing UK Emissions: Progress Report to Parliament11 16 5. Delivering the Strategy 5.1 The role of the Reading Climate Change Partnership and other partners In developing the Reading Climate Emergency Strategy, the Reading Climate…


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