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South Lanarkshire Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

…, equal opportunities for all, inclusion, safety and a fair distribution of wealth. Why is the ‘environment’ important to economic growth and social progress? Fundamentally the environment provides natural resources essential to meet our basic needs, including fresh water, clean air, food, medicinal resources, raw materials and energy. The world’s stocks of natural resources are referred…

…. There are well established links between economic growth and the quality of the environment. This is self-evident in relation to industries which clearly rely on a clean and healthy environment, for example, food production and tourism, but can also be a factor in determining business investment choices. Clean air is important for our good health and wellbeing. That is why it is so important…

… sources include traffic management, the encouragement of uptake of cleaner vehicles, and increased use of public transport along with more sustainable transport methods such as walking and cycling. Healthy biodiversity supports sustainable development and benefits not only by providing us with clean air, water, food, energy, medicine, and building materials but also provides jobs and places…

… and restoration of degraded peatlands • Accessible open/greenspace canopy cover and woodlands contributing to improving people’s health and wellbeing Climate Change Assessment Tool and Statutory Reporting • Indentify the threats to biodiversity from a changing climate Cleaner Air for Scotland • Local air quality action planning which includes measures that will provide co-benefits in terms…


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