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London Borough of Hillingdon

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… to be done regarding aviation at a global and national level. For our resident’s health, well-being, and the local economy, we will continue to support and lobby for any activities to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality at the airport. 17The Strategic Climate Action Plan C2 The Council’s Own Operations C2.1 All our operational assets under our direct operational control…

… and increase current carbon sequestration through increased planting and changes to green space management. C7.5 Increase the number of trees, particularly in urban areas to complement objectives to improve air quality and promote urban wildlife. C7.6 To exploit opportunities to increase carbon sequestration to maximise opportunities for biodiversity and flood risk management. Theme 7 Commentary…

… boroughs in London. In terms of climate change these areas are of great importance. They act as carbon sinks. This means they take carbon dioxide and other nasty pollutants out of the air and replace it with clean air. They will continue to play a key role in helping us manage its carbon emissions. All natural vegetation performs a role as a carbon sink but trees are particularly important. The tree…


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