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Including the closely related term circular economy principles.

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Kirklees Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… resource use, the circular economy approach aims to increase the duration of a product’s useful life, ensuring that materials are productively used, ultimately reducing waste. By adopting circular economy principles in the appropriate actions within this action plan, Kirklees will align with Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) Circular Economy package9. Doughnut Economics…

… actions. 21 BASIS FOR THINKING Throughout the work completed to deliver this action plan, several best practice ‘basis for thinking’ topics will be explored, understanding how they can help Kirklees, its business, partners, academics, and community groups, to develop a shared understanding and approach to address climate change. These are: Circular Economy Optimising…

… humanity can continue to develop and thrive, this concept provides long-term context for what this CCAP can help to achieve, taking action that will contribute towards keeping humanity within the thresholds of the planetary boundaries. 9 Gov.UK. 2020. Circular Economy Package Policy Statement. – Policy paper. [Online]. Accessed on 27th July 2022]. Available at: Circular Economy Package…

…/research/planetary- boundaries.html…


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