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City of York Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… 1 Expand networks facilitating the donation of edible surplus food to food banks across the city 2 2 No single use plastic at the Christmas market 1 2 Engage with suppliers to adopt circular economy principles through procurement policies 2 1 Pilot recycled road surfaces - Trial a new lower carbon solution of ‘crumb’ recycled rubber tyres for resurfacing roads…

… based near each other could utilise the same supplier 2 S 1 Deliver a communications and behavioural food waste campaign using community growing projects and education in schools across all of CYC residents & businesses 1 M 3 Produce a Food waste strategy, once the Govt White Paper is released 2 L 1 Support growth in the circular economy - Develop a circular economy

… roadmap for the city, which maps material flows to identify opportunities for circularity and co-location. Bring stakeholders together and create the conditions for a circular economy to flourish 1 L 2 Communication and behavioural campaign on minimising water use to residents 1 M 2 Waste reduction, reuse & recycle initiatives - Reuse of household goods; Removal of organic waste…

… across the organisation 2 2 Develop education and communication campaigns for residents to raise awareness of what can be recycled 2 1 Support community groups to develop the local sharing/circular economy e.g. repair café, library of things, community fridge, food redistribution centres 1 2 Deliver pedestrian and cycle access to Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs…

…) so all residents can safely access the site and dispose of their household waste and recycling 1 1 Champion zero waste cafes and plastic free business to residents to encourage behaviour change to low waste services 1 1 Work with other local authorities to share case studies from businesses on circular economy practices to maximise environmental and economic opportunities 1…


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