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Wolverhampton City Council

Direct link to citizens' assembly (PDF)

… locations • There were some questions and concerns about the policy: • The risk of cyclists and pedestrians not hearing approaching electric vehicles • The associated cost and whether or not the technology would go out of date • Whether it was wasteful replacing council vehicles too quickly • Whether or not there was sufficient supporting infrastructure (charging points for electric cars), and what…

charging points • And concerns about the cost of electric vehicles: some struggled to envision when they would be able to make this change • Some felt technology in this area was changing quickly, and did want to spend money on something which could become out of date 59BritainThinks | Private and Confidential Residents were positive about supporting the roll-out of electric vehicles…

…, provided that methods for doing so were workable Suggestions for developing the policy: • Actively encourage citizens to use public transport, such as by providing incentives • Invest in green technology, such as solar panels and wind turbines, to power electric vehicles • Find ways to incentivise usage (as with solar panels) “All the charging points and infrastructure have got to be readily…

… be emitting those fumes.” Sensitivity: NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED • Moving inhabitants towards electric vehicles was felt to be an important step that would help reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality in the city • There were some questions about: • Whether the grid would be able to support large scale electric vehicle charging at peak times • Whether there would be enough vehicle


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