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Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council

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… action In 2019, The NHS bodies that make up the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) declared a climate emergency committing to action to reduce carbon emissions and avert predicted illness and disease. The focus for preventing and addressing the impact of climate change includes: • Cutting carbon emissions from energy use by improving efficiency and using low- carbon

…. Implementing systems and greenspaces processes to stop waste and promote reuse, sharing, repair 3. Using low carbon electricity to and recycling of resources power transport and heating The Chancellor of the Exchequer’s ‘Plan for Jobs’ published on 20 July 2020 sets out a £3 billion green investment package that could help support around 140,000 green jobs and upgrade buildings and reduce…

… identified exceedances beyond 2020 (152 stretches of road identified across GM) Greater Manchester Environment Plan 2019 • 100% of all cars and buses are zero emissions by 2035 Renewable energy Greater Manchester Environment Plan 2019 • Add 45MW of local renewable electricity generation by 2024 • Add 10TWh of low carbon heating by 2024 • Add another 45MW of energy supply through other sources…

… CO2 being released into the atmosphere in the borough is balanced by an equivalent amount being removed. Carbon neutrality involves implementing a mix of interventions that will cut, capture or offset carbon emissions. Cutting emissions requires us to make significant changes in key areas - energy, travel, buildings, production and consumption and the natural environment. Carbon

Capture and Storage involves capturing CO2, transporting it to a storage site within the natural environment such as oceans, soil or rock formations and depositing it there so it won’t enter the atmosphere. Carbon Offsetting involves investing in environmental projects in order to balance out carbon emissions. For example to offset emissions produced from undertaking certain activities you…


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