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Flintshire County Council

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… on biodiversity. 9.2 To achieve our 60% emissions reduction in buildings by 2030 we will aim for 9% reduction each year to 2029/30. 9.3 Progress to date: - In 2009 the Council developed a carbon reduction strategy to reduce emissions from energy related carbon by 60% by 2021. This strategy saw the delivery of many effective and innovative projects across the county including: - Installation of low

…, mobility and transport, procurement, land use and behaviour. The actions identified within each of these themes have had input from Members, the public, and Council employees in order to deliver a pathway that is both ambitious and achievable with the right investment, resource, collaboration and leadership. 1.5 External funding will be available for carbon reduction projects, but the expectation…

… or technically viable options to reduce carbon is unlikely to enable us to reach net-zero emissions by 2030, leaving an estimated 40% gap. These low-carbon measures may not yet be commonly available or cost or carbon effective; therefore it is vital that we are kept abreast of advances in technology and methodology. 1.7 To bridge the gap between emissions and net zero carbon, offsetting measures…

…), Prosperity for All: A Low Carbon Wales. 3 Welsh Government (2020), Team Wales approach to tackle climate change. 5…

…. 2.7 On 30 June 2021 the W elsh Parliament further declared a nature emergency following research showing how fragile many species and ecosystems are due to habitat loss, pollution, invasive non-native species and climate change. This called for statutory targets to be set to stop and reverse any decline in biodiversity8. 2.8 The Council has been committed to reducing carbon emissions


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