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London Borough of Southwark

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

…. The council has already raised the amount it charges developers who fail to make on site carbon savings. We will continue to keep this under review and make further changes when necessary in the future. 15 As part of the review process of this strategy, the council will consider offset in the future and what role it should have in reaching our ambition of becoming carbon neutral…

… into the office, they are doing so by bicycle in increasing numbers. The proportion of cyclists increased two-or even three-fold during the summer months in 2020.  Lobbying National Government – As policymakers shape the economic recovery, local government is in a unique position to influence government policy in the pursuit of a green recovery. In turn, this could stimulate low carbon activities

… has commissioned an independent analysis of the cost of action needed. We estimate it will cost at least £3.92bn of capital expenditure to end Southwark’s contribution to climate change, and so will need major government support to back the action that we take locally. However, the transition to a low carbon society also presents an opportunity to reshape our borough into a better place…

…, switching away from petrol and diesel vehicles and bringing all buildings up to a low carbon standard are all examples of urgent tasks that will only be achieved if we have the necessary national investment and improvements to infrastructure, regulations and taxation that only central government can deliver. Our Southwark target date of 2030 is an essential one. However, the government has…

…:// pdf [accessed 26.11.19] 9 People from a higher income are generally more likely to emit more carbon as they are more likely to have larger homes in need of greater heating, to own one or more cars and to fly for holidays or work. We must recognise this disparity in resource and its relationship with our fight against the climate…


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