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City of Edinburgh Council

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… are likely to be from some types of HGV and equipment for which there are currently no low carbon alternatives; agricultural and livestock activities, wastewater processes, and residual grid electricity related emissions. 8 Table 2: Incremental annual targets – City target Year Annual target reduction (%) Actual reduction Compared to previous year Compared to baseline MtCO2e…

… the Scottish Cities Alliance membership. 6. Financial impact 6.1 There is no financial impact arising from this report. However, it should be noted that the financial challenges to achieve net zero emissions will be significant. It should be noted that investing in carbon reduction projects often results in wider co-benefits such as the creation of local jobs, improved air quality and public…

… zero by 2030 target will replace the previous city target of a 42 % reduction in city emissions by 2020 in all future monitoring and reporting. 1.7 Note that city approaches to offsetting will be consulted upon as part of the 2030 Sustainability Strategy consultation. Andrew Kerr Chief Executive Contact: Claire Marion, Senior Change & Delivery Officer (carbon management) E-mail…

…: | Tel: 0131 529 7093 2 Report 2030 City target monitoring approach 2. Executive Summary 2.1 This report clarifies the boundary selected to monitor progress against the new net- zero target set for both the Council and the city in May 2019. As agreed at Full Council on 25 August 20201, this report also presents “revised targets for carbon emissions

reduction, specifying the annual increments required to achieve net zero by 2030” for city emissions. 2.2 The approach set out in this report is presented as a worked example of how city emissions and progress towards the target will be tracked. It is being provided for Elected Members’ consideration in response to a request at Committee for early sight of reporting data and in order…


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