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Including 6 closely related terms such as low carbon, carbon management, and reduction impact.

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Newcastle-upon-Tyne City Council

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… sources with a high carbon footprint for low carbon options; and finally • Fourth, compensating for those remaining emissions which cannot be avoided or reduced. WHAT DOES NET ZERO MEAN? CARBON MANAGEMENT HIERARCHY Net Zero (also referred to as 'carbon neutrality') refers to balancing city-wide carbon emissions with carbon reduction and removal activities. What do we mean by ‘balance’? Net…

… priority actions over the preceding year, and will confirm whether the actions that are proposed over the coming months and years remain relevant, appropriate and targeted in scale and structure for achieving Net Zero by 2030. The 'Net Zero Newcastle - 2030 Action Plan' is not… … the only carbon reduction plan within Newcastle. We recognise organisations will continue to have their own plans…

management hierarchy of emission management will be implemented, as set out below. The Carbon Management Hierarchy directs our city to prioritise those actions which have the greatest impact by: • First, avoiding activities that are carbon-intensive and hence generate high emissions; then • Second, reducing carbon-intensive activities wherever possible; then • Third, substituting those energy…

… boilers for heating our homes and buildings. Example of carbon reduction and removal: Installing energy efficiency and low carbon heating options to reduce and replace emissions from our buildings Avoiding carbon- intensive activities. Efficient use of resources and implementing measures to reduce demand. Replacing high carbon intensity energy sources with renewable and low carbon

… the greatest carbon reduction impact. We are not seeking to reduce all emissions from all sec- tors but instead to achieve Net Zero, so trade-offs be- tween sectors must be considered where it makes tech- nical and economic sense. In order to take appropriate actions, we must under- stand the nature and sources of the climate emissions at city level by using reliable baseline information in order…


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