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Ipswich Borough Council

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…) Reviewing the carbon footprint of materials / products / services we procure and to identify options to reduce carbon emissions from the Council’s supply chain a) Low b) Low c) Low a) Short Term b) Short Term c) Short Term Ensure the environmental impact of everything we do is fully considered Inclusion of carbon/ environmental impact and climate risk assessments…

… 2020 – 2030 Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan Carbon Neutrality by 2030 2020 – 2030 Strategy 2 | P a g e Introduction On 9th July 2019, the Council’s Executive Committee declared a Climate Emergency and resolved to start working towards becoming

… is a low-carbon nuclear source but does not allow the organisation to report zero emissions for its Scope 2 electricity. Intensity Measurement In mid-2019 Ipswich Borough Council served a population of 136,913. An intensity ratio of ‘kilogrammes of CO2e per resident’ has been calculated to be 34.79 kgCO2e/resident for this period. This intensity ratio presents a Key Performance Indicator…

… place on site. Objectives Through continuing our programme of retrofit projects to improve the energy performance of our buildings we will need to:- • Heat our buildings with low carbon and/or renewable heating and change our behaviours towards energy consumption • Monitor and manage energy efficiency standards and improvements • Increase the adoption of energy efficiency…

… aims. This can include how people use our buildings, how we choose suppliers and deal with waste. We will need to:- • Develop a ‘carbon neutral by design’ ethos where everything that is proposed or implemented across the organisation considers how it can be carbon neutral or contribute to reducing carbon as a matter of course. This will include being considered from the outset in all…


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