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Thanet District Council

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… will be available in summer 2023. We will use this information to inform our carbon sequestration plans”.    The updated strategy is attached as Annex 2 to the Cabinet report. Any additional information is highlighted in yellow within the document for ease of viewing.   Decision…

… to:    make Thanet District Council net zero by 2030 in our core carbon footprint (this includes emissions we have direct control over e.g. the estates and activities that we own and manage)  address emissions that TDC has partial control over (those outside of the core carbon footprint e.g. projects, procurement and social housing) as soon as possible, and by 2050…

… information has also been added to the Net Zero Strategy which helps to clarify our route forwards. This includes a paragraph around the use of seaweed to sequester carbon:   “Scientists will assess the carbon storage and sequestration potential of all UK seas, as well as within Marine Protected Areas and it is hoped that the report…

…:   a.  To add interim targets (to 2030 and 2040) for the emissions the council has partial control over in the next action plan. This action plan will be written in 2024;   b.  To add the emissions from home working to future carbon footprinting…


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