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Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

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savings: an indication of the relative carbon reduction impact 3. Co-benefits: with Inclusive Growth, Environment and Health selected as the priority benefit areas 1. Policy and Governance: Local and National policy changes can have a significant impact on the success of the actions outlined in the Net Zero Action Plan. 2. Resource and Leadership: In order to ensure there is ownership over…

… are the cost of delivering the action, the estimated associated carbon reductions and environmental, inclusive growth and health related co-benefits. Each goal was assessed to understand their impact in these areas, summarized below. 1. & 2. Tackling building emissions Focusing on energy demand buildings is a key priority for the Borough. Actions across the building sector are low to medium cost…

… with a high payback, with the exception of maximising the number of buildings connected to Solihull’s Town Centre Energy Network where costs are high. The carbon savings of these actions range from medium to high savings and can result in a number of co-benefits, including cost savings for businesses and residents, the creation of new low carbon jobs encouraging inclusive growth and reducing ill…

… not just carbon reduction. Costs are typically medium to low with the exception of addressing residual emissions through offsetting. 7. Tackling energy supply emissions There are a number of opportunities to increase local renewable energy supply and decarbonise electricity and heat across the Borough. Costs vary depending on the action and carbon savings are typically medium to high. Increasing…

… taking internal carbon reduction lessons learnt beyond the office into their communities. 3. Tackling transport emissions Solihull’s transport emissions make up a significant proportion of overall emissions and will need combined efforts from a variety of stakeholders. The actions detailed in the Net Zero Action Plan are typically low to medium cost, with no direct cost payback. The carbon


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