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South Kesteven District Council

Direct link to biodiversity plan (PDF)

… of water resources, carbon storage and crop pollination).  Ensure biodiversity conservation is sustainable; the benefits are felt by society, the economy and the environment.  Provide and gather biodiversity information to monitor progress and enable individuals and organisations to make decisions based on sound evidence. 2 2. The role of the Lincolnshire BAP 2.1…

… is required for producing a range of different crops. These are ecosystem services, and other examples include flood attenuation, water and nutrient cycling, carbon storage, and most crucially the production of oxygen through photosynthesis, which enables us to breathe. Recognition of these services and their value to human societies is increasing but not necessarily fast enough, which is one…

… (see below). The impacts of climate change, disease and non-native species are significant individually, but it is how they could interact with and multiply the existing threats that is of most concern. 3.2 Climate change The threat posed by climate change is thought to be the most significant threat to our biodiversity in the long term. Even with stringent carbon emission control…


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