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Braintree District Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… in facilitating both access to carbon offsetting and supporting the development of local offsetting businesses. In the transition to the low carbon economy the Council must play an active role in supporting local food producers and local material/product manufacturers. Residents and businesses should have more opportunities and be encouraged to source local products and to reduce their need…

… to increase skills and attract businesses associated with this sector into the District. Whilst it may not currently be possible for all organisations to eliminate 100% of carbon emissions, this can be supplemented by high quality and verifiable carbon offsetting. This is an area that the Council could provide a role in facilitating between those organisations who want to invest in offsetting…

… measures and those who have schemes and projects that provide an offsetting opportunity. This could also help develop new low-carbon income streams for carbon positive rural businesses that can offer surplus carbon credits generated from carbon sequestration* (e.g. following tree planting or land use activities) whilst also assisting local firms with unavoidable emissions to achieve net zero…


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