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Including the closely related terms carbon offsetting, and offsetting.

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London Borough of Southwark

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… a 57% reduction in emissions by 2030. Figure 1.3: Pathways analysis for the council to 2030, based on indicative measures. Carbon Offset Carbon offsetting is where reductions in greenhouse gases are made in one place to compensate for emissions elsewhere. Offsetting carbon will always be required as some greenhouse gas emission in the borough is unavoidable. Some activities, even…

… with the best methods will still produce some carbon and so offsetting will be necessary to account for carbon that cannot be taken out of the system in any other way. The council has developed a carbon offset policy for new developments to ensure that any carbon offset funding is used strategically to reduce overall carbon in the atmosphere and only when carbon savings cannot be obtained on site…

…. The council will also consider whether carbon offsetting is something we could facilitate for individuals and organisations within the borough. 16 The London and the national context Around 65% of local authorities in the country have declared some form of climate emergency; this includes most councils in London. At a national level there are several policy positions that help…


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