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Kirklees Council

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… Emergency declared in 2019. Building on the work completed by Kirklees in Phase 1 of climate action, this plan sets out the district’s aspirations to help address both climate change mitigation, by reducing carbon emissions and climate change adaptation, by improving the districts resilience to the impacts that a changing climate will incur. In collaboration with stakeholders from across…

… targets based upon the commitments in the 2015 Paris Agreement to stay “well below 2°C and pursuing 1.5°C” for global temperature rise, informed by climate science and defined in terms of science- based carbon budget setting. This report recommended that Kirklees aim to “reach zero or near zero carbon no later than 2041.” Following the report from the Tyndall Centre, Kirklees set a more…

… the science-based emission reduction pathway to achieving net- zero (see Table 1 below). To stay in-line with this emissions pathway, Kirklees district will adopt the following, science- based, ‘stepping-stone’ carbon reduction targets (against baseline levels from 2000). 11 TABLE 1: KIRKLEES' EMISSIONS PATHWAY TO REACH NET -ZERO AGAINST BASELINE LEVELS FROM 2000 - ADAPTED FROM ‘A NET…

carbon emissions than others, depending on relevant economic factors. To achieve ‘Net-Zero by 2038’, Kirklees will may also be required to manage any residual emissions remaining after all planned actions have been implemented. This will be adopted as a last resort and may typically involve offsetting, which is a complex issue with challenges around fairness, financing, interventions, and carbon

… authority declared a climate emergency for the West Yorkshire region in 2019, with a vision of “Growing our economy while cutting emissions and caring for our environment”. This declaration included an ambition to become a “Net Zero carbon economy by 2038” and resulting in the publication of the WY Climate and Environmetn Plan 2021 – 2024. Within this plan, WYCA portrays their emission reduction…


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