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Flintshire County Council

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… Government’s approach to cutting carbon emissions and the recent document ‘Welsh Public Sector Net Zero Carbon Reporting Guide’ details the principles and priorities for the reporting approach for the public sector. 2.5 Ther e are a number of different Greenhouse Gasses (GHG) that affect global warming and in order to use a single number to ‘group’ these gases, they are converted into equivalent…

…. 2.7 On 30 June 2021 the W elsh Parliament further declared a nature emergency following research showing how fragile many species and ecosystems are due to habitat loss, pollution, invasive non-native species and climate change. This called for statutory targets to be set to stop and reverse any decline in biodiversity8. 2.8 The Council has been committed to reducing carbon emissions

… of engagement workshops with Members and Officers, identifying accomplishments made within carbon reduction, and proposals for future ideas to reach the net zero carbon goals. 3.3 In line with Welsh Government guide ‘Net Zero Carbon Status by 2030: A route map for decarbonisation across the Welsh Public Sector’ the plan is split into four themes of Buildings, Mobility & Transport, Procurement…

… Flintshire County Council’s Carbon Footprint 5.1 Flintshire County Council has, over a number of years, committed to the reduction of carbon emissions through proactive carbon reduction strategies. During this period, approximately 60% of the Council’s carbon emissions from energy sources have been reduced through proactive programmes including conversion of street lighting to LED, utilising energy…

… total as a ‘carbon offset’. Therefore to meet our net zero carbon goal, the total carbon emitted by the Council, minus the total carbon absorbed from Council owned and operated land, must equal zero by 2030. In 2018/19 the balance of carbon emissions was 44,934 tCO2e. 6.10 The Council now has carbon emission data for three financial years as shown in Figure 2 below. The total carbon emissions


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