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Including 7 closely related terms such as carbon reduction, carbon economy, and carbon emission.

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Dumfries and Galloway Council

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… also net zero carbon). Carbon reduction: an activity that reduces carbon emissions compared to a baseline scenario. Climate Change: the large-scale, long-term shift in the planet’s weather patterns or average temperatures. Decarbonisation: usually refers to the electricity sector and refers to reducing the carbon intensity of electricity generated (emissions per kWh) by increasing…

… and Resources Lorna Meahan The adoption by the council of our Climate Emergency Declaration highlights the importance of Climate Change locally and promotes the role that the council is required to play, to coordinate, support and lead on regional activity to reduce our carbon emissions and support a transition to a low and zero carbon economy that maximises the opportunities locally to build…

… and adapt to a low carbon approach • Lead on the transition to cleaner and greener technologies • Promote and protect our region’s natural environment • Contribute to a greener economy, maximising the region’s green energy potential 4 Table 1 – Alignment of council priorities and commitments against strategic action priority areas for carbon reduction Commitment Strategic Action…

… in animal feeds, reduced intensity of livestock production and improvements in waste management. √ √ √ Maintaining and increasing the size of the forestry and grassland carbon sinks √ √ 5 Definitions Carbon emissions: used as a shorthand to refer to emissions of the mix of gases that cause climate change. Carbon dioxide is the most common greenhouse gas. The other gases, methane, N2O, F…

… directly from the atmosphere by either increasing natural sinks for carbon or using chemical engineering to remove the CO2, with the intent of reducing the atmospheric CO2 concentration. Carbon offsetting: an accounting approach by which individuals/organisations can balance their carbon emissions through investment in carbon removal projects Carbon neutral: the balancing of carbon emissions


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