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Including 7 closely related terms such as carbon reduction, carbon removal, and carbon budgets.

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South Derbyshire District Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… emissions are a shared responsibility within the District and neighbouring districts. There is an acknowledgement that in order to reach carbon neutrality there is a need for a District-wide, regional and national framework to address emissions. Approaching carbon reduction The quicker that reductions are made in carbon emissions, the less the District will eat into its carbon budget

… Derbyshire in order to stay within the carbon budget. Figure 4 provides a graphical illustration of the scale of the carbon reduction required in South Derbyshire until the end of this century. Carbon Budget Period Recommended Carbon Budget (Mt CO2) Reduction in Annual Emissions (based on recommended pathway) 2018 - 2022 3.0 21.6% 2023 - 2027 1.5 63.3% 2028 - 2032 0.7 82.8…

…% 2033 - 2037 0.3 91.9% 2038 - 2042 0.1 96.2% 2043 - 2047 0.1 98.2% 2048 - 2100 0.1 99.2% Document Ref: STEMS-07-ST2 Rev:02 Date: March 2021 Page | 11 | Figure 4 - Tyndall Centre The Tyndall carbon budgets account for carbon emissions only, whereas the Council has been able to develop a calculation…

…-diversity-and-inclusion-strategy-2021-25-consultation Document Ref: STEMS-07-ST2 Rev:02 Date: March 2021 Page | 15…

… of greenhouse gas. Examples of such greenhouse gases are methane, perfluorocarbons, and nitrous oxide. Carbon Neutral / Carbon Neutrality Aim to deliver the lowest carbon dioxide emissions as possible by eliminating carbon emissions (e.g. reduction, innovation, sustainable design) and/or balancing emissions with carbon removal (e.g. via natural systems) For Tyndall budgets this is only…


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