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Including 8 closely related terms such as management, manage, and management plan.

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North Lanarkshire Council

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… to view online Climate Change Group The role of the Climate Change Group is to ensure carbon and climate actions are integrated within the council activities including: • the implementation of the carbon management plan; • participation in Climate Ready Clyde and the regional Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan; • the development of a wider strategy such as this plan; and • having an input…

… Climate Plan CLIMATE PLAN Climate Plan Action on Climate Together 2030 (2021-2030) contents section page A Climate & Biodiversity Emergency .......... 04 Global Climate Action .......... 05 North Lanarkshire ......... 07 Working as a community, in partnership .......... 08 Carbon management

…. DID YOU KNOW… Greenhouse gases are sometimes referred to as carbon emissions when we talk about climate change. They are however a number of different gases. Here are some examples of greenhouse gases: CO2 Carbon dioxide CH4 Methane N2O Nitrous Oxide HFCs Hydrofluorocarbons 4 http://Climate Ready Clyde http://Climate Ready Clyde Climate…

… generates carbon emissions through their use of buildings and transport as well as industrial or farming processes. Private car use accounts for 60.7% of the total carbon emissions from road transport. North Lanarkshire has an Active Travel Strategy to encourage residents to become more active and use their cars less. In North Lanarkshire we benefit from greenspaces in our towns. Mature trees can…

store carbon and so this helps remove carbon dioxide from our air and release the oxygen back into the atmosphere. Peatlands can provide us with the same benefit and as they are formed over thousands over years already store a large amount of carbon. This is why we must protect our peatlands from damage – to prevent the release of stored carbon back into the atmosphere. (See the Biodiversity…


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