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Darlington Borough Council

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…. Our climate emergency declaration commits the Council to reducing its carbon emissions to net zero by 2050. That is our end date and we will be making every effort to reach net zero at the earliest possible date. We will be examining how we might develop a medium-term carbon plan, allocating a carbon budget to each directorate. More work is needed to determine how we can do that fairly, given…

… Economy 23 This document was classified as: OFFICIAL PRINCIPLE 4: SEQUESTER CARBON A strong and healthy natural environment with a variety of habitats, will support our ability to be resilient to climate change and will act as to collect and store carbon from the atmosphere. Where we can measure the carbon captured by environmental projects we may be able to use them…

… buildings. However, there is still much to do if we are to reach our targets and every new project will need to understand the capital and revenue implications of achieving net carbon zero. This includes understanding that carbon savings may occur over time and the future cost of not taking action now. We are including adaptation actions to ensure that we are resilient to the climate change…

… in place. For the majority of actions, it is unlikely that using savings from energy efficiency measures will be enough to fund future activity and investment will be needed. Milestones will be developed year by year to enable robust reporting to Full Council every six months and an annual report will be produced. This action plan is designed to help the Council reach its own carbon emissions

… developments, to reduce energy use. We will also explore methods of capturing waste heat from energy use in our buildings. Changes to national planning regulations will impose energy efficiency targets on developers and require homes from 2025 to produce at least 75% fewer carbon emissions as well as be zero carbon ready, so no further retrofit is required for future technologies. At the end of 2021…


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