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London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham

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… fleet to electric vehicles Priorities for 2022-23: continuing to expand our network of electric vehicle charging points, with plans to reach 2000 charging points by April 2022 Things we use What we’re doing now: considering carbon emissions in products and services the council buys we've introduced recycling services for clothes and electrical goods…

carbon emissions from the things Londoners buy and use Ecology What we’re doing now: we've banned the use of glyphosate pesticides and pioneered using grass to reduce roadside pollution understanding what species exist in the borough through a "biodiversity baseline" protecting and improving biodiversity through our new grounds maintenance contract engaging…

… and increased recycling rates on estates tackling food waste and educating residents on sustainable food at the Nourish Hub piloting a food waste collection service promoting initiatives like Ready Tech Go to reuse our old computers Priorities for 2022-23: support residents to borrow before they buy new by setting up a 'Library of Things' at Kings Mall working with London-wide partners to reduce


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