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Clackmannanshire Council

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… in electricity consumption and some other emissions have been increasing rather than decreasing, as in the previous year. The council does not currently have targets for greenhouse gas emissions from its operations and records on carbon reduction projects across services required to be improved. The establishment of a cross service Carbon Management Group and development of the Carbon Management Plan

… empowered to work across Services and complete revision of the Council’s Carbon Management Plan and Project Register and associated data management  Review fitness for purpose and ongoing validity of current Council strategies and policies associated with carbon management and climate change (many end after 2017) 4.4. Emissions, Targets, and Projects 4.4.1. The report shows…

… of Target Type of Target Target Units Boundary/scope of Target Progress against target Year used as baseline Baseline figure Units of baseline Target completion year Comments A substantial exercise in organisational restructure and changing resources has impacted upon the development and approval of the local Carbon Management Plan. 3e…

… relating to climate change. 4.3.2. The Council addresses climate change principally via their Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy and Carbon Management Plan, and a suite of plans and strategies that indirectly embed aspects of delivery of climate change action into business as usual. However updating and development of these plans and strategies have been hampered during the past year…

… by organisational restructure and a reduction in resources. 4.3.3. We are presently at a stage where the revision and renewal of our Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy and the Carbon Management Plan are over due. Due to the lack of resources the identified priorities relating to governance, management and strategy remain unchanged from last year and include:  Building upon progress…


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