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Newcastle-Under-Lyme District Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

emissions, habitat loss, plastic pollution and poor use of dwindling natural resources. As a result, Councils around the UK and Governments around the world are responding to these threats and public calls for a robust and rapid reduction and mitigation measures and have declared Climate Emergencies as well as pursuing environmental strategies with the aim of accelerating action to achieve carbon

…, the Council subscribed to the ‘Climate Local’ commitment, preparing and authorising an action plan to reduce carbon emissions and to promote action to tackle climate change with our partners and residents. The Government has recently announced a ten point plan which is aimed at eradicating the UKs contribution to climate change by 2050. We are now working in partnership across the Borough to tackle…

… could do and have to do more to achieve the aims of this Strategy and our goal of carbon neutrality. We commit to achieving 100% carbon neutrality across our own operations and assets by 2030 at the latest through a combination of reducing carbon produc- tion and offsetting of any residual carbon emissions. We will also work in partnership to achieve a significant reduction in emissions…

… neutrality, consider how to mitigate the effects of climate change and change how resources are used. In April 2019, the Borough Council passed a climate emergency motion. A central element of this was the aim of becoming carbon neutral with respect to the Council’s own estates and activities and those related to our residents and businesses. The Cabinet have committed to establishing a Sustainable…

… we already do, what we currently know and what we might do to protect and enhance our local environmental quality and reduce our carbon emissions. Under each theme we have given consideration to what we might do around our own estate to improve environ- mental performance and what we might do across the wider geography of Newcastle to achieve the outcomes and Vision that we committed…


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