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Waverley Borough Council

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… purchased (Scope 2) and indirect emissions from energy consumption from all our outsourced buildings and service delivery (Scope 3). The adoption of the Carbon Management Plan in 2010 and the Energy Efficiency Plan in 2015 took the council through a carbon reduction journey. Since 2008 we have seen a natural growth in population and social housing provision, we have increased the service…

… emergency. Waverley Borough Council had never before declared a state of emergency of any kind, and this is significant. For this is not merely another policy initiative; it is an attempt to ensure we do everything we can as a council as part of a worldwide movement to reduce carbon emissions to a level which will keep global temperatures in check. In essence, we are doing our bit to avoid…

… council to respond and play its part in the face of an impending climate catastrophe. We owe it to ourselves and to future generations. Best wishes Steve Williams Portfolio Holder for Environment & Sustainability Carbon Neutrality Action Plan – V10 Final 4 Glossary BEIS – Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Carbon budget – Upper limit of carbon

emissions associated with remaining below a specific global average temperature Carbon Neutral – All carbon emissions are either eliminated or are offset by counteracting emissions through carbon absorbing projects. To become carbon neutral an organisation should be considering its own direct emissions as well as those created by suppliers. CIL - Community Infrastructure Levy. Charge levied…

…. In order to remain within this “allowance” a carbon reduction programme of mitigation measures should be put in place to achieve a minimum 13.4% year on year carbon reduction. If the proposed trajectory is followed it will be possible to achieve carbon neutrality by 2041, with 5% of the budget remaining. This action will require, national and local action. It cannot be achieved by the local…


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