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Bolsover District Council

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… and other fossil fuels, it is finite and its use produces harmful and polluting gases. There is ever growing evidence that our use of these energy sources, either directly or indirectly, is having a profound effect on our environment, our health today and in the future. As a district we need to find ways to achieve carbon reduction whilst balancing this with our need for economic growth…

… and the prosperity of our communities. We need to reduce our reliance on climate damaging energy and change the way we operate better utilising more environmentally sustainable materials, products and practices in a move to a lower carbon lifestyle. We need to access renewable power such as water, solar, wind, air and geological sources. At the same time we need to reduce the amount of power we…

… District Council Corporate Plan 2015 - 2019 The Bolsover District Council Corporate Plan has four key aims; Unlocking Our Growth Potential, Providing Our Customers with Excellent Service, Supporting our Communities to be Healthier, Safer, Cleaner, Greener and Transforming Our Organisation. Policy Drivers 7 Bolsover District Council has for a number of years prioritised carbon reduction

… performance within the buildings consumption of electricity, fossil fuels and water. Various monetary savings have been built into this year’s budget to reflect anticipated climate change targets, e.g. 3% year on year saving on emissions from Local Authority (LA) operations 2. Reducing carbon emissions Supporting international/national policies and local energy efficiency targets for reducing…

… Buildings and Workplaces 14 Theme 1 - Sustainable Buildings and Workplaces According to the latest statistics, buildings in the UK account for about 43% of all carbon emissions, naturally therefore, having a focus on our buildings and workplaces will be key to our carbon reduction ambition. There is a potentially important role for local authorities both in raising awareness…


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