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Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… in achieving carbon neutrality in each of these areas. 5. Low Carbon Framework Although each transition will require its own distinct actions, we will also need a low carbon framework to provide a common strategic direction across these transitions. 6. Next Steps A Delivery Board will be established to take decarbonisation forward.…

… of different forms of action; and 8 (iii) monitoring our performance in reducing carbon emissions. A range of data will need to be reported, because carbon footprint calculations alone cannot fulfil all three of these data functions in every areas of the council’s operations. Therefore, developing and improving data to appraise options and manage performance will be important. Data…

… Quality The figures presented in this plan represents a first attempt at systematically calculating the carbon impact of our operations. They are largely based on data that was already held in various parts of the organisation, but had not previously been brought together to calculate our carbon emissions. Guidance from Welsh Government is expected soon about public sector carbon reporting

… these potential reductions may require wider changes in areas such as procurement processes, storage capacity and service delivery models. 2 A9 Sequestration -1% Carbon sequestration removes emissions from the atmosphere, these negative emissions are crucial to achieving carbon neutrality. In addition, as land owner the council is responsible for substantial carbon stocks already…

… is often expressed in terms of carbon dioxide equivalent - the amount of CO2 that would cause the same amount of warming. Decarbonisation – Removal of carbon emissions producing processes from a sector or industry. In most areas decarbonisation in known to be technically feasible, but there are high costs associate with a transition to low carbon infrastructure and ways of working…


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