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Wokingham Borough Council

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… working group to monitor progress. With the publication of this Climate Emergency Plan all of these commitments are now in place. The UK introduced the Climate Change Act into the legislation in 2008. This seeks to reduce carbon emissions by 100%2 (from where they stood in 1990) by 2050. However, 2019 marks an important milestone year as global carbon emissions have almost doubled since the Act…

… in 2017. Our highest emitting areas are transport and the use of gas in the domestic sector. These will be key areas on which we will focus our efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. We will also seek to increase the amount of carbon sequestration in the borough. Figure 5. Detailed breakdown of Wokingham Borough Carbon Dioxide Emissions 20175 Based on the BEIS data, predicted carbon…

… dioxide emissions for 2018 and 2019 for transport, domestic gas and carbon sequestration can be seen in the table below (Table1). Along with estimated targets for 2021 and 2025. Emission Sector Carbon Emissions (ktCO2e) Predicted Carbon Emissions (ktCO2e) Target Carbon Emissions (ktCO2e) over the next five years 2017 2018 2019 2021 2025 Total Emissions 580.9 548.4 517.7 419.3…

… this as plants store carbon and release oxygen into the atmosphere. Presently, the borough offsets 15.2 ktCO2e a year through forestry and natural land use (labelled as LULUCF in Figure 4). These levels have been steadily increasing with an average annual increase in carbon capture of 0.4 ktCO2e. Converting improved grassland (grassland makes up most of the WBC landholding) to woodland would sequestrate…

…. • The area is prosperous so residents tend to be relatively liberal with their energy consumption in terms of use of appliances and heating. Section 3. Opportunities By taking a proactive approach to becoming net zero carbon by 2030, Wokingham Borough residents can look forward to a low-carbon future. Wokingham Borough is fortunate in that it has a number of opportunities that will help reduce


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